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What is Sandstone

#Sand stone or Sandstone is defined as a stone made up of grains of quarts and other minerals of fairly uniform size, often smooth and rounded. There grains are held together by a cementing material.
The toughness of the Sandstone India depends mostly on the nature of this material. Sandstone is harder than granite.
Rajasthan being the largest producer is an important Sandstone producing state of India. Rajasthan, India produce excellent building stone.
Sandstones can be chiselled and dressed to a smooth surface is various attractive shapes.

Uses of Sandstone

# Uses : The Jodhpur Sandstone is especially useful for exterior cladding in sea shore buildings due to acid & thermal properties.
As such the effect of saline wind is negligible on sandstone.
Sand stone is also suitable for use in chemical industries as flouring, wall fixing & lining due to its acid and alkali resistant properties.
It is also suitable for carving, making windows & jallis.

Jodhpur Sandstone

#The Jodhpur sandstone has a variety of uses-such as roofing, flooring, paving, panelling, beams, pillars, arches, sills, window sills, wall facings, fence posts mile stone etc.
The sandstone is being quarried and used from centuries and a number of historical buildings and monuments such as Buddhist-Stups of Sarnath, Red Fort, Sansad Bhawan, Rastrapati Bhawan and National Museum in Delhi and Ummed Bhawan Palace ( Chittar Palace) of Jodhpur, Jodhpur Fort, New Vidan Sabha Bhawan (Legislative assembly) of Rajasthan etc. are made up of sandstone.

Qualities of Sandstone

#The Jodhpur sandstone has regular bedding, uniform grain size, suitable nature, durability. It has been extensively used not only in Rajasthan, but also in Northern India and even exported to Canada, Japan and Middle East countries.
Due to straight lines of bedding & attractive figures seen due to iron solutions, the sandstone after cutting and polishing looks very attractive. Sandstone can be used in place of granite and marble.

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