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Jodhpur Sandstone

Our carving stone articles, sculptures and ornaments are created with Jodhpur Sandstone that is coarse to fine grained, red, butt, pink, white & creamish in colour and is specially famous for carving and used for making fine perforated windows and Jallis.

Our canvas the Jodhpur Sandstone has a variety of uses.The sandstone is being quarried and used from our own sandstone mine that is in Fidusar near Jodhpur.

Sandstone Carving

We beleave that Sandstone is the most exciting medium with which to work an experience that nurtures one's soul and connects one with a long history of stone carvers from the beginning of recorded history to modern times.

We provide timeless pieces of art and history that provide an exciting opportunity for
incorporating something unique into your interior or outdoor designs.
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Welcome to Sunmoon Stone

#Sunmoon Stone is the oldest and leading Sandstone manufacturer and supplier in the India, dealing in mining, cutting, processing carving of Jodhpur Sandstone. From mining to craftsmanship for finished ornamental shape, Sunmoon has in-house operations.

Sand Stone

Sandstone Carving

#We manufacture & export decorative handicrafts made of Sandstone in multiple designs and hues created by highly skilled artisans.
We offer custom designs and produces unique works for the home and garden, civic projects and sculpture. At our workshop one can see the life like images being skilfully sculptured in different shades of Jodhur sandstone.

Sandstone Gift Articles

Sandstone Handicraft

#We offer you wide assortment of carving Sandstone, each piece chosen for its natural beauty and excellent quality, superb selection of finely crafted hand and pneumatic tools.
Our stone carvers are the people with a lifetime commitment to the carving work and a era of experience catering to the needs of architechtural projects.

Sandstone handicraft

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